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The structure of the Sanxingdui museum is a magnificent innovation with a style of solemnity, which consists of two galleries. Gallery one represents an arc-sloped ecological building, emphasizing the theme that human world and nature are in perfect harmony. Gallery two is spiral architecture, symbolizing both Three-star Mounds and the course of human history development. Through the cultural symbolic building, they implicitly convey rich connotation and profound historical deposits of Sanxingdui culture and also reflect the eternal theme of man and society as well as man and nature.

The display of the Sanxingdui museum is entitled Ancient City, Ancient State and Ancient Shu Culture, which is made up of two galleries, including 9 sections .One is Three Stars Accompany the Moon---Brilliant ancient Shu civilization, the other is Three Stars Shine forever----mysterious bronze kingdom. In gallery one comprehensively displays gold, bronze, jade and pottery artifacts and great achievement in every aspect. In gallery two ---specialized bronze gallery, through successively combination of scenes introduce group of bronze images and mysterious sculptures. Both of them are broad in scale and fine in arrangement, showing great originality. The contents and the display itinerary combine undulately. By means of interesting story-telling, rich knowledge explaining and elegant artistic appreciating, they not only strongly reveal profound connotation of Sanxingdui cultural relics and reflect the brilliance of Sanxingdui civilization, but also distinctly lay out the development course of ancient Shu history and culture.



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