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Introduction to Sanxingdui Museum

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Introduction to Sanxingdui Museum

Situated in the northeast of the state-protected Sanxingdui Site by the bank of the Yazi River in Guanghan---a city famed for its long history and splendid culture, Sanxingdui Museum is a modern theme museum which is 40 kilometers to the north of Chengdu.
Covering a total area of 530 yields, in which 11000 square meters serve as the main tableaus for the exhibits, Sanxingdui Museum had its foundation laid in August 1992, and opened to the public in October 1997. Integrating collection, preservation, academic research and social education all in one, the museum showcases kinds of precious cultural relics unearthed at Sanxingdui Site.
The cultural relics at Sanxingdui are precious cultural heritage of mankind, which contain rich historical, cultural and scientific value, and bespeak themselves as the most attractive ones amongst the multitude of the spectacular relics in China. Amongst the hoards of prize antiquities there are a variety of unique, grotesque bronzes, such as 2.62-meter-tall standing statue, 1.38-meter-wide bronze mask, 3.95-meter-high bronze tree, all of which stand out as treasures unparalleled. In addition, the gold ware represented by the gleaming gold scepter, and jade ware such as the blades with heavy motif, turn out to be undeniable rare jewels never seen before.
The section on Ancient City, Ancient State and Ancient Shu Culture is the main exhibition in the museum, which is arranged in such a novel, creative manner that space and voids are interconnected by utilizing various latest means of demonstration, whereby the implication of the relics are tapped to the full extent, and a perfect combination of popularized display and artistic style of the artifacts is achieved. The museum honored the prize at one of the first ten excellent national exhibitions.
The main building of the museum stands erect in pursuit of fitting its contour with the landform, the historical site and the shapes of the relics while blending primitivism with modernism; the surroundings of the museum are arranged in an ingenious layout. Now there are a serene lake and lush lawn, and now here are isles reflected in the lake, all in a unique setting with flora at all seasons. One can catch such views at a glance.
Featured for its relics, architecture, demonstration and gardens, the museum has become a place of cultural and tourist attractions enjoying prestige both at home and abroad and one of the three exquisite spots Sichuan has offered to the world tourism. Moreover, it is the first museum that has been certified both “Green Globe 21” and ISO9000.

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Sanxingdui Museum

Address:Sanxingdui Historic Relics 618300,Guanghan Sichuan China
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