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Notice to Sanxingdui Site Museum Travelers

Ⅰ. Opening & Booking Time                                                  
Opening time   Gallery One  8:30—18:00    Gallery Two  8:30—18:30
Booking time           8:30—17:00
Ⅱ. Visiting Route
Gallery One—→Gallery Two
Ⅲ.Ticket Price 
⑴ Gallery ticket ¥80    ¥82 (postpaid)
⑵ Garden ticket ¥5
Children shorter than 1.2m (including 1.2m) can visit the gallery and garden free of charge.   
The ticket is used on the sold day and each gallery once.
Ⅴ. Guide Service&Price
If you need a museum guide, please employ one at the reception desk in Gallery One.
¥120  (1-20 persons)
Ⅳ.Consulting telephone: 0838-5651526
Ⅵ. Complaint against the price telephone:  12358
Sanxingdui Site Museum, Guanghan, Sichuan

November 1, 2007


Guide Service Notice

ⅠGuide Service
Chinese, Cantonese, Tibetan:¥80(Group below 20 persons)
English, Japanese:¥120(Group below 20 persons)
ⅡGuide Range
Gallery 1 & Gallery 2
Ⅲ It takes about 80 minutes each guide service.
Ⅳ.We provide Chinese & English auto guiding device free of charge. Please deposit RMB 200 Yuan and your valid credential. If damaged or lost, you should compensate according to the cost price.

Sanxingdui Site Museum,Guanghan, Sichuan



Sanxingdui Museum

Address:Sanxingdui Historic Relics 618300,Guanghan Sichuan China
Tel Exchange:0838-6665599