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Sanxingdui site

Sanxingdui site is an ancient city, ancient state and ancient Shu culture site in southwest of China, which is the largest in area, longest in time span and richest in cultural connotation. The total area covers 12 square kilometers with a city of 4 square kilometers in the center. The large-scale city is well knit, in which dozens of cultural relics have been found, such as city walls, two sacrificial pits, building foundations, jade ware pits and burial area, as well as several thousand fine artifacts. The Sanxingdui site was the capital of Shu state about over 3000 years ago, which is one of the largest and well-preserved known cities of the time in China. In January 1988, the State Council designated the Sanxingdui site as one of the most important cultural relics units under national protection. Sanxingdui scenic spot is centered in the ancient city on the principle of being remained the original environment. By means of combination of traditional craft and modern scientific technology the site displays to the public with professional protection, including west city wall, the Yueliangwan highland, the Mamu River, three-star Mounds and sacrificial pits 1&2. These spots refresh majestic appearance of Sanxingdui-based Shu state in southwest of China in the old days.




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